Matala GeyserFlow Pumps


Matala GeyserFlow Pumps

Matala GeyserFlow Pumps are an excellent choice for use in irrigation systems, farmland, or pond applications. These workhorse pumps are extremely reliable and offer outstanding flow rates. Highly recommended by experienced professionals worldwide, Matala GeyserFlow Pumps are one of the highest quality submersible pumps on the market today. An amazing value.


  • To irrigate or discharge water from farmland or ponds.
  • For use at relay pumping stations or manhole to relay raw water.
  • For livestock production facilities, to discharge sewage.
  • For use to discharge rainwater.
  • Waterfall, fountain, and garden spraying.
  • Sump pit, and washed water handling.


Max Flow
5’ Head10’ Head15’Head20”HeadMax Head
GeyserFlo23001/43.31.25”232022051828124638825.0 ft
GeyserFlo35001/34.41.5”3470333028552119111928.7 ft
GeyserFlo42001/25.12”4200405135442825185730.1 ft
GeyserFlo49003/47.52”4890483144833949312734.5 ft
GeyserFlo63001.07.62"6290609359185132419937.7 ft

*Free ground shipping available within contiguous USA only.



Item # Description Price Points  
G-2300 Matala GeyserFlow 1/4 HP Pump Was $223.30$203.00 200 Ships 4 Free
G-3500 Matala GeyserFlow 1/3 HP Pump Was $244.20$222.00 200 Ships 4 Free
G-4200 Matala GeyserFlow 1/2 HP Pump Was $344.30$313.00 300 Ships 4 Free
G-4900 Matala GeyserFlow 3/4 HP Pump Was $399.30$363.00 300 Ships 4 Free
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