Genesis Filters


Our #1 Selling Premium Pond Filter System!

Genesis Filters are the ONLY pond filter systems on the market today available thru dealers covered by an unconditonal one year satisfaction guarantee!

First in filtration, Genesis Filters are professional grade pressurized bead filter systems specifically engineered to provide outstanding water quality all year round while also being the easiest pond bead filtration systems on the market to maintain. Weekly recommended maintenance tasks for Genesis Bead Filters can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Backwashing and routine water changes are both extremely simple and clean tasks with the Genesis Filter, and do not require the pond owner to get his or her hands dirty manually cleaning filter pads or scrubbing bio media used by other pond filters on the market. Simply put, the Genesis is the standard by which all other bead filters are measured.

Recognizing there are many quality bead filter systems on the market, the Genesis Filter offers superior value and performance to competitor pond filters for a variety of reasons. Elite Genesis Filter Systems feature an 8-inch True-Clear dome lid. This innovation allows the pond owner to actually view the bio media while the filter is in use, alerting him when a backwash is actually needed. Most bead filters on the market do not have a clear lid and require the pond owner to actually remove the lid entirely in order to view the filter media. The clear dome lid offered with Genesis Filters is also a significant upgrade over the 6-inch faux-clear yellow lids (commonly advertised as clear), which can actually be very difficult to see through once the filter has been in use for a while. A clear sight glass is also included with every Genesis Filter, which allows the pond owner to see the clarity of water leaving the pond during regular backwashing and recommended water changes.

Elite Genesis Filters feature True-Clear Dome Lids

A powerful 2 horsepower air blower also comes standard with all Genesis Filter models. This quality air blower serves as a media agitator during backwash, quickly removing fish waste, algae, and other debris from the proprietary Genesis bio media during backwash. This is yet another huge upgrade over competitor bead filters on the market. Most commercially available bead filters on the market do not include an air blower at all, a reality which ultimately requires the owners of these filters to replace the bio media entirely at their expense after a year or two of use once the inferior bio media used in their filter inevitably clumps together and tunneling occurs. Many “premium” bead filtration systems on the market offer less powerful air blowers, which results in more maintenance time required to achieve comparable results.

Genesis bio media, which is only used in Genesis Filters, is another huge upgrade over competitor bead filtration systems on the market. Unlike tubular media commonly used by “economy” filters, which can allow a large amounts of fish waste and other debris to simply tunnel its way back into your pond, Genesis bio media is specifically designed to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth while also providing outstanding fines removal (mechanical filtration). Due to the unmatched effectiveness of this revolutionary bio media in both mechanical and biological filtration, a second pre-filter system is not required with Genesis Filters. To maximize value even further, Genesis Filters are also designed to work well with today’s high flow, energy efficient pumps (Elite Primer Pro Pumps highly recommended).

All Elite Genesis Filter models feature dual-layered fiberglass tanks. These premium quality tanks are literally twice as thick as inferior tanks used on competitor bead filter systems and are guaranteed not to crack or warp, which are serious concerns for many pond owners residing in colder climates. The easy-to-turn multiport valves featured in Genesis Filters are also of the highest quality. At the simple turning of a lever, the pond owner is able to quickly change the filter cycle mode from filter, backwash, rinse, bypass, and waste. Experienced hobbyists and professional pond builders nationwide overwhelmingly recommend the Elite Genesis line of filters due to their superior performance, ease of maintenance, and value. Genesis systems offer all the bells and whistles of other “premium” filter systems on the market without the premium price.

The compact and innovative design of Genesis Filters allows them to be easily hidden or even partially buried among your landscape, never taking away from the natural beauty of your pond. Covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, the Genesis Filter is the heart of the Genesis Bead Filtration system. The Genesis Bead Filter also has the distinction of being the only Koi pond filtration system on the market available through dealers offered with an unconditional one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase a Genesis Filter and are not completely satisfied for any reason, the manufacturer will literally buy it back from you and even pay for return shipping costs. This unmatched guarantee of quality allows a pond owner to actually install a Genesis Filter on their pond and see the superior results they deliver for themselves with absolutely zero risk!


  • Features durable double-layered fiberglass tank (ideal for colder climates)
  • Powerful 2 horsepower industrial quality air blower(serves as media agitator)
  • Clear 8-inch dome lid (compare to 6-inch yellow faux-clear lid offered on competitor filters)
  • Proprietary Genesis biological filter media (provides maximum surface area for bacteria growth)
  • Modular design (multiple units can be installed to run in-line for larger applications)
  • Clear Sight Glass included (allows you to view clarity of water during backwash)
  • Compact Design (Can be easily hidden, perhaps behind a waterfall)
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects (unmatched quality)
  • One Year Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee


ModelMax Pond SizeFlow RateInlet / OutletDimensions
Genesis 66,000 gallons (U.S.)4200 GPH2" / 2"21" x 34.5"
Genesis 1111,000 gallons (U.S.)5400 GPH2" / 2"24" x 35.5"
Genesis 1818,000 gallons (U.S.)7200 GPH2" / 2"30" x 40"
Genesis 2626,000 gallons (U.S.)10800 GPH2" / 2"36" x 45"

One Year Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

Elite Pumps Genesis Filters are covered by a one year, unconditional satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you purchase any Genesis Filter from Cal Ponds and are not completely satisfied within the first year for any reason, you may return it through Cal Ponds for a full refund of your original purchase price. This refund does not cover shipping costs. Original shipping cost paid by Cal Ponds will be deducted from any refund amount issued. Filter must be returned in good working condition.

Genesis Filters are also featured in Genesis Pond Packs and Genesis All-In-One Systems.



Item # Description Price Points  
GF3 Elite Genesis 3 Filter Was $2,100.00$1,999.95 2000 Ships 4 Free
GF6 Elite Genesis 6 Filter Was $2,599.99$2,199.99 2100 Ships 4 Free
GF11 Elite Genesis 11 Filter Was $2,799.99$2,399.99 2400 Ships 4 Free
GF18 Elite Genesis 18 Filter Was $3,199.99$2,799.99 2700 Ships 4 Free
GF26 Elite Genesis 26 Filter Was $3,999.99$3,699.99 3300 Ships 4 Free
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