EasyPro EX Series Pumps


EasyPro offers a variety of external pumps in both non-priming and self-priming styles. External pumps offer several advantages over submersible pumps including reduced energy costs and longer average life span.


  • Continuous duty, weatherproof motors - can be used outdoors without additional protection from weather
  • Super quiet operation
  • 8' power cord included
  • Not self-priming - use in flooded suction applications or with check valve on suction line to maintain prime
  • All sizes (except EX3600) have dual voltage motors, pumps are shipped 115v but can easily be field changed to 230v


ModelMax FlowPower Cord LengthInletHPVoltageAmpsWattsMax HeadOutlet
EX36003600 GPH8'2"1/8115v1.4139 Watts


1 1/2"
EX45004500 GPH8'1 1/2"1/8 to 1/3115v2.7/1.9252 Watts


1 1/2"
EX61006100 GPH8'1 1/2"1/8 to 1/3115/230v3.1/1.6366 Watts23'1 1/2"
EX82008200 GPH8'2"1/2115/230v4.4/2.2449 Watts23'2"
EX85008500 GPH8'2"1 1/2115/230v10.8/5.41385 Watts55'1 1/2"
EX1100011000 GPH8'2"1 1/2115/230v17.2/8.62056 Watts72'1 1/2"
EX1120011200 GPH8'2"3230v9.62162 Watts80'2"
EX1320013200 GPH8'2"3230v11.52595 Watts80'2"


Item # Description Price Points  
EX3600 EasyPro EX Series 3600 GPH Pump Was $481.09$408.93 300 Ships 4 Free
EX4500 EasyPro EX Series 4500 GPH Pump Was $539.69$458.74 400 Ships 4 Free
EX6100 EasyPro EX Series 6100 GPH Pump Was $558.99$475.14 400 Ships 4 Free
EX8800 EasyPro EX Series 8200 GPH Pump Was $895.99$761.59 700 Ships 4 Free
EX8500 EasyPro EX Series 8500 GPH Pump Was $959.79$815.82 800 Ships 4 Free
EX11000 EasyPro EX Series 11000 GPH Pump Was $1,144.39$947.23 900 Ships 4 Free
EX11200 EasyPro EX Series 11200 GPH Pump Was $1,222.39$1,039.03 1000 Ships 4 Free
EX13200 EasyPro EX Series 13200 GPH Pump Was $1,281.29$1,089.10 900 Ships 4 Free
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