UV Sterilizers / UV Clarifiers

UV Sterilizers / UV Clarifiers

Green water is a common occurrence in Koi ponds and water gardens. This is especially true for newly build water features, which have not achieved the “balance” which you have likely already read about elsewhere. While it is possible to achieve clear water in a Koi pond or outdoor water garden without use of an ultraviolet sterilizer, in reality, this is a rare occurrence based on the experiences shared by our customers. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of quality UV sterilizers and UV clarifiers from today’s leading manufacturers.

An ultraviolet sterilizer works by killing free floating green algae. Once killed, this dead algae sinks to you pond floor, where it is ultimately removed entirely by your pond filter. When it comes to selecting a UV clarifier for your water feature, you have several options to choose from. From economical plastic ultraviolet units designed for smaller water gardens, to stainless steel commercial quality UV sterilizer’s ideal for large, commercial applications, we offer hands-on experience and knowledge with virtually every ultraviolet product available.

Laguna UV Clarifiers are out top-selling ultraviolet sterilizers and the perfect choice for Koi ponds and water gardens up to 5,000 gallons. Extremely durable and simple to install, Laguna UV Sterilizers connect easily to flexible PVC tubing. With up to 55 watts of killing power, Laguna ultraviolet clarifiers are an amazing value. Cal Ponds ranks among nationwide leaders for Laguna pond products. We offer guaranteed lowest prices, free shipping, and exclusive bonus items with the purchase of any Laguna UV. You will not find a better deal on Laguna pond products from any of our competitors, we guarantee it.

Evo UV Sterilizers, introduced by our friends at Evolution Aqua, have quickly become one of our most popular UV clarifiers. The quality line of Evo ultraviolet sterilizers offers several unique features not offered with competitor UVs on the market. Replacement lamps for Evo UVs are also significantly less expensive than lamps for competitor units, making Evo UV an unbeatable value. In addition to free shipping within the contiguous USA, we also offer a 110 percent best price guarantee on Evo UV Sterilizers, allowing our customers to buy with confidence.

Zapp Pure UV Sterilizers are our top selling ultraviolet sterilizers for larger ponds and commercial applications. The industrial quality ultraviolet clarifiers feature durable, stainless steel construction and ensure crystal clear water for ponds and water features up to 20,000 gallons. Designed to connect to 2 inch plumbing, Zapp Pure UVs come standard with quick-connect unions, making installation a snap. Zapp UV Sterilizers are also included standard with all Mashimizu Systems and AlphaONE Plus Systems, complete Koi pond filtration systems from GCTek.

Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers are manufactured by Aqua Ultraviolet, based in Temecula, CA. Our headquarters is based less than 80 miles from Temecula, and we leverage this geography to our advantage in order to provide our customers with guaranteed best prices online for the complete line of Aqua Ultraviolet UV clarifiers. In addition to standard Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizers, we also offer the complete line of Aqua Viper UV Sterilizers. Viper UVs are commercial quality sterilizers available in both stainless steel and plastic versions for maximum cost savings.

Matala Stainless Steel UV Sterilizers are among our most popular stainless steel UV sterilizers. Commonly known as the “Silver Bullet”, Matala Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Sterilizers are the ideal choice for larger Koi ponds and water features up to 15,000 gallons. We actually demonstrate Matala UVs in our vendor booth at various trade shows nationwide and these top quality units never fail to generate a crowd. Matala also offers a line of plastic Matala UV clarifiers, which are ideal for use in Matala BioSteps 10 Filters.

Wave UV Sterilizers are manufactured by our friends at WLim Corporation. One of the unique features of Wave UV Sterilizers is a 360 degree twist union, which is offered on single lamp units. This innovation makes plumbing Wave Sterilizers very simple, as you can easily twist the unions to adapt to your existing plumbing. Wlim Wave ultraviolet sterilizers also feature high quality lamps, which ensure maximum killing power for Koi ponds and water gardens. We feel confident recommending Wave UV Sterilizers to our valued customers.

Some of our other popular ultraviolet sterilizers include Alpine UV Sterilizers, Trident UV Sterilizers, Delta Elektra UV Sterilizers, Tetra Pond UV Sterilizers, among several others. We feel confident recommending any of these quality units to our valued customers and friends, and often do. If you would like assistance choosing the best ultraviolet product for your specific needs, please contact us.



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