Pond Winterization

Pond Winterization

Due to colder climates, many Koi ponds and water gardens will freeze if left uncovered during the winter months. This can create a dangerous situation for Koi and other pond fish, as poisonous gases can build up under the ice and pollute your pond water. If left unchecked, this scenario often results in fish deaths. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of pond heaters, pond de-icers, and other pond winterization products from today’s leading manufacturers.

Elecro Heaters are extremely popular for use Koi ponds and outdoor water gardens. Designed for in-line installation, Elecro Heaters are imported to the USA by AquaLogic and often mistakenly referred to as AquaLogic Heaters by our competitors. The quality line of AquaLogic Elecro pond heaters are available in stainless steel and titanium versions, making them arguably the finest pond heater systems on the market today.

ThermaKoi Heaters are top quality pond heaters designed by GCTek, the world leaders in quality Koi pond filtration. GCTek ThermaKoi Heaters are extremely popular among Koi keepers nationwide and have a proven reputation for quality and for providing years of reliable, worry free use. We feel confident recommending ThermaKoi pond heaters to our customers and friends nationwide.

If you would like assistance choosing the best pond heater or de-icer for your backyard pond of water gardening feature, please contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would love to hear from you and offers hands-on experience using virtually every pond heating system on the market today. .



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