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External pond pumps are designed to be installed outside of your pond or water garden and cannot operate under water. There are many benefits to choosing an external pump, rather than a submersible pond pump. For starters, external pumps tend to be more reliable and more energy efficient than most submersible pumps on the market. Many quality external pond and waterfall pumps are also covered by warranties that far exceed warranties included with most submersible pumps.

If you have a larger waterfall or are using any type of pressurized bead filter on your pond or outdoor water feature, then you definitely want to go with an external pump. External Pumps are available in a multitude of sizes, accommodating even the largest of backyard ponds or commercial water features. External pond pumps offer substantially higher flow rates and far greater performance than submersible pumps. Many larger external pumps can be wired by a licensed electrician for 230V.

PerformancePro Artesian2 Pumps are our number one selling line of external pumps designed for use in backyard Koi ponds and water gardens. These industrial quality pumps replaced the legendary series of Classic Artesian Pumps and offer even better performance than the original. Artesian2 Pumps are manufactured in the USA by PerformancePro Pumps and covered by 3 year warranty. Many PerformancePro Pump owners report using their pump 24/7 for over six years before having to service their pump. When it comes to reliability and performance, there is no substitute for quality. And when it comes to quality, PerformancePro Pumps are truly in a class of their own.

The Elite line of external pumps is also one of our best-selling product offerings. Offering exceptional energy efficiency and whisper quiet operation, Elite Pumps were specifically engineered to provide higher flow rates at higher head pressures than competitor pumps on the market costing hundreds more. An incredible value, Elite Pond Pumps are covered by a three year limited warranty and designed to provide years or worry free use. The Elite 800 Series of Pumps is our best-selling line of Elite Pumps and a popular choice for Koi ponds up to 5,000 gallons. Elite 800 Pumps offer flow rates up to 5,600 gallons and feature extra-long 15 foot power cords, compared to 8 foot cords offered with competitor offerings. Other popular lines of Elite Pumps include Elite Primer Pro Pumps, which are self-priming pumps ideal for use in larger ponds with bead filters installed.

Some of our other popular external pumps include Evolution Pumps, Dolphin Pumps, WunderFlo Pumps, Waterway Pumps, Pentair Pumps, among several others. If you would like friendly, expert assistance choosing the right pump for your specific needs, please contact us. Our experienced team can answer any technical questions you may have, and rest assured, we stand behind every product we sell..


Elite Pumps - energy efficient external pumps for ponds and water gardens

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