Berkeley Pumps

Berkeley Pumps

If your pumping application requires high volume, easy maintenance and long term, reliable service, then Berkeley Pumps are for you.

Berkeley pumps are in use worldwide and are known for their high performance and reliability.

By using a computer program to select the best combination of impeller, pump end and motor, Berkeley can provide the most efficient pump for your application.


By using a 10HP motor and a high flow impeller and pump case we can get 1500GPM of flow at 20' of head.

By using the same 10HP motor and a high pressure impeller and pump casing, we get 110GPM at 250' of head! Proper efficiency not only extends pump life, it will also save you money!

Choosing the most efficient water pump for your application can be confusing.

It can become costly if the wrong pump is chosen, especially when you're choosing a large pump.

For this reason, Berkeley, a leader in large pump manufacturing, has created a computer program that will select the proper pump for a given application.

By simply telling us the feet of head and the GPM needed, pipe size, and power supply (single or three phase) , we can find the most efficient pump for your application.

Please email us with your specifications.

A flange is needed for both the inlet and outlet and discharge in correct size as shown in inlet / outlet column below.


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