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Pond Construction

When building a Koi pond or water garden, it can sometimes be difficult finding all the plumbing components you need to help make your project a success. For this reason, we take pride in offering a wide selection of commonly used components that are typically required when building any outdoor water feature.

We offer excellent pricing on bulkhead fittings, offering choices in ABS, PVC, and polypropylene, and in diameters from ½ inch up to 4 inches. We also offer a complete line of gate valves, swing check valves, ABS cleanouts, venturi jets, tangential pond returns – commonly known as TPRs, and other fittings and components.

In order to prevent leaves and other debris from overtaking your pond, we highly recommend installing a skimmer to any backyard pond or ornamental water feature. We offer a large selection of quality pond skimmers from today’s leading manufacturers. Unlike swimming pool skimmers, which can often be death traps for Koi and other pond fish scavenging for food, the quality skimmers we offer were specifically designed for use in ponds with Koi.

Advantage Fish-Safe Skimmers are our best-selling skimmers for use in Koi and water gardens. These quality pond skimmers are 100 percent fish safe and are ideal for both gunite and liner ponds. In fact, many of our team members actually have Advantage Skimmers installed on their own personal ponds.

No Koi pond could possibly be complete without a waterfall. So to help make this a reality, we also carry a complete line of quality waterfall wiers and water fall basins. The waterfall products we offer are designed for use in outdoor ponds and extremely durable, and can help add beauty to any outdoor water feature.

Cal Ponds offers free pond design assistance to customers nationwide. So if you would like assistance choosing the right components for your backyard pond project or commercial water feature, please contact us. Our experienced team of pond builders can answer any questions you may have and help you avoid costly mistakes.




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