Pond Liner & Pond Sealants

Pond Liner and Pond Sealants

When you decide to build a Koi pond or water garden in privacy of your backyard, one of the very first decisions you have to make is whether you want to build your pond using concrete or using a pond liner. There are pros and cons involved in each of these options. Concrete ponds are permanent and can actually add value to your home. Unfortunately, concrete ponds are also more expensive to build. In addition to the concrete itself, you will also need to purchase a quality sealant designed to ensure your pond does not leak water and keep the PH level of your pond from skyrocketing due to concrete leaching into your pond water.

The vast majority of our customers building their first ultimately decide to go with a pond liner rather than concrete. And when it comes to pond liner, there really is only one quality choice on the market today. Firestone PondGard pond liner is, without question, the best quality pond liner available. Unlike cheap PVC and rubber liners sold at many home and garden stores, PondGard liners are made of EPDM and guaranteed to last 25 years.

Whereas lower quality pond liners tear easily and are prone to leaks, the quality Firestone pond liners are durable and built to last. For this reason, we highly recommend only genuine Firestone PondGard pond liners to our valued customers throughout the USA and abroad. Pond liner installation is also a relatively simple process. Simply dig the whole, place in some pond liner underlay, and then drop in your liner. Simply begin filling the liner with water and begin folding it to remove creases to help create a more natural, smooth appearance.

If you decide to build a pond or water garden using concrete, you will need to use a quality sealant designed for this purpose. The purpose of this sealant is to prevent your pond leaking due to cracks in the cement as well as to ensure a natural balance of water parameters in your pond. If filling a cement pond without use of a sealant, the PH levels in your pond will be extremely high – far too high for Koi and other pond fish to survive.

Pond Shield Pond Armor is our best-selling sealant designed specifically for use in outdoor fish ponds and other water features. Pond Shield is actually an epoxy, a combination of two liquids which must be mixed before application to your pond surface. The installation process for Pond Armor is very simple. Simply apply it with a standard paint roller. Pond Armor by Pond Shield dries quickly and will provide years of worry free use.

To help our customers choose the right pond liner size for their specific needs, we offer a convenient pond liner calculator via our website. We also offer free pond design assistance to our customers nationwide



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