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Complete Pond Kits

Many homeowners tell us they wanted to build a pond or water garden in their backyard for years, but were not sure what components they needed to purchase in order to make their project a success. To help better serve our customers who fall into this category, we are proud to offer a wide selection of complete pond kits from today’s leading manufacturers.

Our complete pond kits contain everything you need to build the backyard Koi pond, water garden, or outdoor water feature you’ve always dreamed of having. The quality pond kits we offer include quality pond pumps designed to provide years of worry free, reliable use while also saving on energy costs. Our pond kits also include filter systems designed to ensure healthy water for Koi fish and other pond fish.

Many of the pond kits we offer also include a skimmer which not only removes floating debris and waste from your water surface, but also doubles as a pond filter system. Another feature of many of the complete pond building kits we stock includes an ultraviolet sterilizer, which effectively kills free floating algae in pond water – ensuring gin clear water that resembles bottled drinking water.

And lastly but definitely not least, our professional grade pond kits also include genuine Firestone EPDM pond liner. When it comes to pond liner, there is no substitute for the best. Unlike cheap substitutes – including PVC liners and rubber liners, which tear easily and must typically be replaced within a few years, PondGard liner is guaranteed to last 25 years but often lasts a lifetime.

Another benefit of purchase a complete pond kit is they eliminate all the guesswork from purchasing components separately. Which pump should you get? What filter system is best for your specific pond? What size liner should you purchase? All these questions are answered for you when you purchase a complete pond kit from Cal Ponds. If you would assistance choosing the best pond kit for your pond or water garden, please contact us.

Customers are also welcome to visit our affiliated retail showroom, California Ponds and Water Gardens, located in Victorville, CA for free pond design assistance. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can answer any technical questions you may have and can help make sure your backyard pond or water garden project is a success. We look forward to helping turn your pond and water garden dreams into a reality.




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