Pond Accessories

Pond Accessories

If you own a Koi pond or water garden, you already know there are many products you have come to rely on that you never imagined you would need before you decided to dig your pond in the first place. One common problem experienced by pond owners are raccoons and the dreaded blue heron, which can often make a meal of Koi and other pond fish. To help address this need for our customers, we offer a complete line of quality predator deterrents specially designed for use in and around fish ponds and water gardens.

Many of our customers also find it enjoyable to breed their Koi fish, hoping to grow their own grand champion Koi. While Koi are definitely beautiful fish and a pleasure to own, they are also horrible parents and will eat their eggs and any hatched offspring within a matter of hours if left in the same pond. For this reason, we offer a quality line Koi isolation cages which can be easily placed in any backyard pond with Koi fish. Simply place the baby Koi, known as fingerlings, into the basket and watch them grow without risk of them begin eaten by larger fish.

Because many of our customers enjoy creating a theme around their ponds, we also offer a complete line of ornamental Japanese lanterns and other backyard decorative products. The soothing sounds of a waterfall, a tranquil stream, and a beautiful pond full of colorful water lilies full of Japanese Koi just waiting to be fed. We are proud to offer items that can enhance this experience even further.

For our customers interested in photographing their Koi or handling Koi to check for illnesses, we also offer a complete line of quality blue Koi measuring tubs and Koi viewing bowls. The measuring tanks and viewing bowls we offer on our website are the exact same products used by judges at major Koi shows nationwide. We also offer a complete line of quality tanks, which make an ideal choice for use as quarantine tanks.

If you are going out of town and are worried about your Koi fish eating while you are away, we have the solution for you. Cal Ponds offers a large selection of quality automatic fish feeders designed for use in ornamental ponds and outdoor water features. An automatic Koi feeder eliminates the need to allow strangers into your backyard to feed your fish while you are out of town for vacation and holiday weekends.

With the growing popularity of aquaponics, our IslandScapes floating pond islands have become quite popular. Not only do these quality “green” products make a beautiful addition to any Koi pond or water garden, but they can also be used to grow your own vegetables. You’d be amazed as how plants flourish when given access to nutrient rich pond water. We have seen customers using IslandScapes for this purpose.

If you would like assistance choosing the perfect accessory for your Koi pond, water garden, or outdoor patio pond, please contact us. Our friendly and personable staff is standing by and can answer any product questions you may have.


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