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When selecting a Koi food for your pond fish, it is important to choose a fish food with top quality ingredients. Some cheap Koi food brands on the market contain low quality ingredients, which are not particularly healthy for your fish and create excessive waste that must be dealt with by your pond filtration system. Top quality Koi foods, like the brands we offer via our website, contain quality ingredients designed to promote fish health, vibrant colors, and maximum growth rates in Koi fish.

Dainichi Koi Food is the best-selling Koi food among all the brands we offer and has been for quite some time. Unlike many competitor Koi food brands on the market, Dainichi Koi Food is milled to order. Many competitor fish foods are manufactured in bulk and can waste away in a warehouse for up to three years before they are finally sold to a retail customer. Obviously, when it comes to Koi food, fresher is better.

Thanks to our convenient location and close relationship with Inochi, manufacturer of Dainichi Koi Food, we are proud to offer the freshest inventory of Dainichi Koi Food available in the USA. Many of our online competitors are based outside of California and must purchase their Dainichi inventory in bulk early each year. This means their inventory many have been sitting in their warehouse for quite some time before it actually arrives to your door.

At Cal Ponds, we commonly receive weekly FRESH shipments of Dainichi Koi Food throughout the year direct from Inochi. This means that when you purchase your Dainichi Koi Food from Cal Ponds, you can rest assured the premium Koi food you are feeding to your prized nishikigoi was milled only days earlier. No other Dainichi retailer in North America can make this claim. This is statement of fact, not marketing hype.

Another popular Koi food choice among our growing customer base is TOMiGAi, which is actually our #2 selling brand. Our friends at TOMiGAi make an excellent quality Koi food, which is endorsed and used by many of Japan’s top Koi breeeders. TOMiGAi is also the Koi food of choice among many of the most astute Koi hobbyists who actively enter their championship quality Koi fish in the biggest Koi shows. We receive frequent shipments of TOMiGAi as well, and freshness is guaranteed by their unique bag sealing process.

Another of our top-selling Koi food varieties is Ultra Balance, which is also milled not far from our retail showroom by Star Milling in Perris, CA. Available in 40lbs. bags, Ultra Balance Koi Food offers exceptional value and is a popular choice for Koi Keepers with lots of fish to feed. When it comes to quality Koi food at an affordable price, Ultra Balance is truly in a class by itself. No other Koi food brand on the market even comes close.

Pond Star Koi Food was formulated by a doctor of aquaculture and is also available at an economical price. This brand is a big hit among our customers who wish to ensure healthy immune systems for their Koi and goldfish. Available in convenient reseal-able 10lbs. bags, Pond Star Koi Food is also a big hit among visitors to California Ponds and Water Gardens, our brick and mortar showroom located in Victorville, CA.

Other quality Koi food brands that consistently rank among our best-sellers include Saki-Hikari Koi Food, Blue Ridge Koi Food, Shinju Koi Food, Holistic Choice, Hi Silk 21, Blackwater Creek, among several others. Our prices on Koi food is guaranteed to be the lowest you will find and we also offer free shipping on most varieties for orders shipped anywhere within the contiguous USA.

If you would assistance choosing the right Koi food for your fish, please contact us. Our experienced and friendly staff is standing by and would love to answer any questions you have. Local customers are also invited to visit our retail showroom. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business. We appreciate it very much.




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