Elite Variable 2750 Pump

Elite Variable Series 2750 GPH Pump 2750ELT24


This pump is in brand new condition and is still covered by 3 year warranty. These units were originally purhased by one of our retail customers but returned without ever being used after customer decided to upgrade to a larger pump. No refunds or returns on this item.

Elite Variable Speed Pump allows the pond owner to easily change flow rates with the flip of a switch. These compact energy savings pumps offer whisper quiet operation and deliver big flow for little power. Featuring a 3-speed flow adjustor, these durable water circulation pumps offer flow rates of 1050 GPH (low speed), 2000 GPH (medium), and 2750 GPH (high speed). The motor is totally enclosed fan-cooled for durability. 115V only.

Superior Performance. Elite Pumps also offer superior performance and flow rates compared to competitor pumps on the market. In addition, Elite Pumps are also build to handle higher max head than competitor pumps costing hundreds more, making them an ideal pump for use in ponds with waterfalls and a wide variety of applications.

Superior Value. These high quality pumps are manufactured with pride in the USA and are covered by a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty. This is the same warranty offered by competitor pumps costing hundreds more! Optional primnig pot / algae trap available for above-water installations.

Elite Variable Speed Pump Features:

  • 1.5" Inlet / 1.5" Outlet (can be easily adpated to 2")
  • 5' Cordset Standard (Optional Upgrade to 15' available for additional fee)
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Superior flow rates (compare to competitor pumps)
  • Higher Max Head compare to competitor pumps (great for waterfalls!)
  • Energy efficiency (maximum energy savings)
  • 115V only
  • Made in the USA

Elite Variable Speed Pump Specifications:

  Gallons Per Hour
Lift (feet) Low Medium High
0 1050 2000 2750
3 900 1850 2600
6 710 1410 2405
10 479 985 2190
13 395 800 1890
16 - 610 1450
20 - 450 1200
24 - - 795
Power 135 watts 195 watts 220 watts
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