Backyard Furniture and Decor

Backyard Furniture

When a person spends the time and energy to build a beautiful Koi pond or water garden in the privacy of their own backyard, it is only natural they would try to spend as much time as possible enjoying their own private oasis. As pond owners ourselves, we can tell you from experience that nothing compares than coming home each day to find your own private paradise right in your own backyard.

Many of our customers enjoy taking “stay-cations” – often spending their holiday weekends at home, entertaining guests in their own backyards as opposed to taking expensive trips. In order to help our valued customers nationwide build the backyard paradise of their dreams, we are proud to offer a complete line of beautiful outdoor furniture and décor to suit any theme.

From beautiful bamboo tiki bars and outdoor bamboo furniture to formal patio sets, we take pride in offering top quality backyard décor products from today’s leading manufacturers. Many of our customers enjoy creating a theme in their backyard. For example, many customers may have an oriental themed backyard complete with Buddha statues or Japanese lanterns. While others may opt for a Hawaiian themed backyard, full of bamboo and of course, a beautiful pond full of colorful Koi fish.

Whatever your dream is, our experienced and friendly team can help turn your dream into a reality. In addition to secure online ordering via our website,




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