Level Waters XLS-1011 Automatic Water Leveling Systems


Level Waters XLS-1011 Automatic Water Leveling Systems

Level Waters XLS-1011 Automatic Water Leveling Systems offer you the peace of mind from leaks, evaporation and undependable float switches. The first truly integrated electronic pond filling systems on the market, these quality units automatically senses the level in the pond and fills it, eliminating low water level conditions that can be harmful to pumps and prized fish.

Extremely simple to install, featuring a modular design, these quality units are also extremely easy to maintain. Other periodically brushing out the sensor window and changing the alarm battery, these systems require virtually no maintenance -- unlike traditional float switches!

Float switches are cheap. However, they do clog and become undependable over time. The floats are also notorious for filling with water and causing an overflow condition. Level Waters Automatic Water Leveling Systems have no moving parts that can become fouled and will never fill with water, making them the ideal choice for use in Koi ponds, water gardens, and other water features.

XLS-1011 System Features:

  • Designed for medium/large to large ponds
  • Requires professional installation (wiring required)
  • Incorporates a 1" water feed for up to 30GPM flow
  • Controller: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Color: Bone


  • LCX-1101 Outdoor Controller (115/230VAC)
  • MNT-P Pro Mount
  • 1" 24VAC Sprinkler Valve
  • WLS-901P Water Level Sensor
  • 50' Control Wire

*Free ground shipping available within contiguous USA only.


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